Ashva Equestrian’s Riding Academy Program

From casual working adults to serious beginners, our riding academy program can accommodate any horse enthusiast looking to get their horse fix. Our curriculum is based on a traditionally correct system, proper horse care, developing strong horsemanship skills, learning responsibility, developing leadership skills, creating sportsmanship and camaraderie, and all the while learning life skills.


For those who are experienced horse people, we know how much horses have changed our lives and influenced us for the better. We have learned that horses teach an unfathomable amount of life skills. From empathy, to problem solving, to self mastery, to learning how to fail and still remain confident, and learning how to take responsibility; those who are involved in horseback riding expand their emotional and physical awareness. Enrolling your child in horseback riding lessons will not only teach your child how to ride and care for a horse, but it will also teach your child how to love the outdoors, the value of kindness, humility, hard work, unconditional love and compassion.

After a lesson has been booked and if you are a new client, a staff member will be in contact with you shortly!

We offer separate services such as boarding, training, etc. Please read more about our extra services here: See All Services >>